Noel Gutierrez

guitarist, composer, and music producer


La Habana, Cuba


Reading, Cinema, Sports

Favourite Quote

"The most important thing about music has nothing to do with music"

-Keith Jarret

Since his musical beginnings,  the guitar has been for Noel the indispensable tool to make music. His career has been influenced in a technical and expressive manner especially by the classical, flamenco and jazz styles, which he finds highly motivating.  He continues to develop and study his own technique in these styles in order to apply them to his voice as a performer and also as a teacher.

Noel has been a professor of Orchestration, Counterpoint, Music Analysis and Composition at the University of the Arts (ISA) in his country for more than five years. He has also taught at the National School of Arts (ENA) for two years. 

His main interest as a teacher has always been to reach knowledge through creation.  This is evident in his own passion for composition and his quest for new ways to present music to those eager to learn. 

Noel has participated in several tours as a performer in the Dominican Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Greece and the United States. In the latter, the critic wrote: “Impressive were the Flamenco- and contemporary jazz-inflected stylings of guitarist Noel Gutierrez. He added-with his own fingers-unexpected flights of percussion to his passionate strumming and single-note improvisations, from sharply picked accents near the bridge, fingernails pulling on strings of the neck, even as he pressed out the harmonies, and thumb and finger strikes to the body of the instrument.” – The Berkshire Edge

Noel is adept at working with students of all skill levels.  His skill and experience, along with his patience and friendly presence make him a great fit for fostering a love of learning to play the guitar.

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