Play a Story

We learn to speak before we can read. Why not apply this to how we learn music?

Experience the joy of musical self-expression through improvisation.  When we connect with the music inside us, our relationship to music changes forever. We discover how it feels to play with more emotion, freedom, and authenticity. 

Play a Story's innovative approach to improvisation uses simple motifs and short musical ideas, creating a natural ease at the piano while building key theoretical concepts. Improvise at the piano while listening to stories or movies, creating your own live musical soundtrack.  Play a Story provides the stories, movies, ideas, and inspiration.  The mood and colour are your own interpretation! 

At Intervals, we firmly believe that music has the power to emerge naturally from within, so let us help your beginning musician discover their own musical personality.

  • Ages 5-6 year olds for Year 1, 6-7 year olds for Year 2 (Year 1 must be complete before joining Year 2)
  • 30 – 40 minute lesson once a week
  • Maximum 5 children
  • Play a Story group piano is a school year commitment at Intervals Music Studio
  • Studio setting with caregiver attending to act as coach
  • Three imaginative “journey” levels over the course of the program, with the addition of a traditional method book in Year 2  
  • Beautiful online home materials to support learning and practice

Are you ready?

We have classes for all ages and all skill levels starting regularly. Your place is waiting. 






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