Triple Threat Troop

Every child has potential, and every child deserves a space to explore possibilities. That’s where Triple Threat Troop comes in–it’s where potential and possibilities meet and thrive!

Let your child find their own spotlight in our cozy setting where no one’s lost in the crowd. At Intervals, it’s not just about honing talent;  It’s about discovering personal strengths, experiencing growth, and about building solid connections.  Through every rehearsal and performance,  confidence will grow, supported by a tight-knit group of fellow students and educators who become like family.  

Our enthusiastic and caring  instructors delight in meeting the students right where they are and in helping them shape their potential. “Troopers” can’t wait to come each week to experience the magic of musical theater through a hands-on approach to learning about singing, acting, and choreography.   

When the curtain rises on our high-energy performances, your heart will swell with pride and joy as you see the confidence your child has gained and the incredible friendships they’ve formed along the way. At Intervals, it’s not just about a show. It’s about the journey where every step brings your child closer to discovering the star within them–in a place where they can truly belong. 

*Note: There will be additional rehearsals leading up to a show that may require a greater time commitment and that may require classes to meet on a different day of the week. During studio GMC weeks, T3 classes generally rehearse together at a location outside of our studio.

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