Liam Kovich

Private Piano Instructor


Rockwood, ON


When not playing piano, Liam finds joy in connecting different forms of art, and has recently taken an interest in linguistics. At home, he takes care of his cat Mia, and enjoys reading and songwriting.

Favourite Quote

"Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to help others."

Liam began learning piano at age 6, and his excitement and passion for the instrument has never faded. He has completed his Level 10 RCM piano exams and is currently continuing his studies under the tutelage of Dr. Timothy Steeves at Memorial University. Though classically trained, he also regularly performs jazz piano, and has accompanied numerous solo vocalists and vocal ensembles in jazz, classical, choral, and musical theatre settings.

Liam emphasises positivity in practice, believing it to be key to forging a lasting bond with music. His goal is to help every student find their passion within the pieces they play, and through this find enjoyment and fulfilment.

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