Grace Nolan

Voice, Piano, & Theory Instructor


Paradise, NL


Grace loves to bake in her spare time and always shares her treats with family and friends. She also loves the water—whether it be swimming, boating, water-skiing, or just watching the waves—she loves it all!

Favourite Quote

"I am always doing the things that I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do them."

-Pablo Picasso

Since beginning her teaching journey, Grace has said that teaching young musicians to develop natural, healthy, and flexible performance skills through our weekly lessons is the most rewarding part of her day-to-day life. Ever since she was a young student herself, she always saw teaching in her future, and having the power to create a positive experience for our youngest musicians is what inspired her to continue on her teaching journey. Holding a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance, Grace has been lucky enough to gain experience in several areas ranging from performance to pedagogy. Because of the diversity presented in her undergraduate degree, she has chosen to move forward with music and start a joint Master’s degree in Performance/Pedagogy.

Grace’s primary goal is to enrich the soil that her students are growing in by helping them develop the skills needed to be healthy musicians. What she has come to learn over her years of teaching is that everyone is born a musician, they just need the encouragement and skills to develop their full potential. There is never just one thing to learn from music: it fosters creativity, discipline, confidence, and problem-solving skills. No one is an exception to this.

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